Terms and Conditions

1. Business information

  • One-man business Little Kameleon: De Theuxstraat 21, 1040 Etterbeek
  • hello@little-kameleon.be
  • +32 480 67 04 66
  • BE 704.537.526

More information about Little Kameleon and its products & services can be found on the website www.little-kameleon.be.

2. Definitions

  • The consignor is the person who makes items available to Little Kameleon.
  • The seller or consignee is Little Kameleon.
  • The buyer is a third party who purchases goods via the webshop.
  • Business day means every day of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Calendar day shall mean each day of the week.
  • Goods shall mean the items given and sold on consignment.

3. Applicability of these terms

These general terms and conditions (“terms”) are applicable to all agreements, whether or not concluded at a distance, between the consignee/seller and any consignor who supplies items on consignment or any buyer who purchases from the webshop.

The consigner is deemed to accept by issuing items on consignment and the buyer by placing an order via the webshop, all these terms as well as all special terms and conditions of the  consignee/seller, in advance and without reservation.

These terms shall also apply to agreements for the execution of which the consignee/seller has engaged intermediaries and/or third parties.

These intermediaries or third parties may also rely on these terms in relation to the seller and buyer.

If any provision of these terms proves to be void or voidable, it shall be replaced by a valid provision that corresponds as far as possible to the scope of the void or void provision. The other conditions shall remain in full force.

The consignee/seller has the right to change its terms at any time. This will be done by publishing the modified new terms on the website. For this reason, the consignor and buyer should consult the general terms regularly.

Any changes to the general terms will only apply to orders placed on or after the date of change.

4. Transferability

The consignee/seller is authorised to transfer the rights and obligations arising from the agreement (in whole or in part) to a third party without the prior consent of the consignor and the buyer.

5. Right of withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from this agreement within a period of 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the goods without giving reasons and without paying a fine.

See also the Returns section.

6. The purchase of goods

To be able to order goods from www.little-kameleon.be, the buyer must meet the following conditions:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • provide name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment details and any other required information when ordering;
  • if payment is made by credit card, the buyer must be the owner or authorised holder of a valid credit card for the purchase of online goods.

The agreement between the seller and the buyer comes into effect when the buyer has accepted the conditions set by the seller and complied with them. The lack of an ordinary signature does not detract from the binding force of the offer and its acceptance.

The seller reserves the right to refuse an order, to cancel it or to subject it to additional conditions such as large orders, orders placed by minors, incomplete order procedures, problems with previous orders or any other valid reason. In such cases, the seller cannot be held liable in any way.

The seller shall always confirm the purchase by e-mail. This order confirmation shall indicate in particular the date of the order, the item ordered, the purchase price plus costs and the delivery terms. The data recorded by the seller as well as the order confirmation constitute proof of the contractual relationship between the parties.

If no confirmation e-mail has been sent, the contract is not yet in force.

Payment for goods purchased from the seller shall be made exclusively by proposed means of payment.

The consignor remains the owner of all goods until full payment by the buyer to the seller has been made.

In the event of late payment, the seller is authorised to dissolve the agreement with immediate effect or to suspend (further) delivery until such time as the buyer has fully fulfilled his payment obligations.

7. Delivery terms, delivery, shipping and handling costs

  • The seller shall send the accepted and paid orders as soon as possible, but at the latest within 14 working days after ordering via the webshop, to the address provided.
  • The seller works with bpost for deliveries outside Brussels and with a bicycle courier for deliveries within Brussels.
  • The courier comes to the address given on working days between 9 am and 8 pm and hands the parcel(s) over to the addressee or any other person present at the address given.
  • Delivery is made for a fixed fee (shipping and handling costs) of 5.7 € per order. Orders over 65 € will be delivered free of charge.
  • The place of delivery is the address that the buyer has given to the seller and the courier service. The buyer shall notify the seller (by email) of any change of address. As long as the seller has not received a change of address, the buyer shall be deemed to be residing at the last address registered with the seller.
  • If the buyer orders an item that is temporarily out of stock, the buyer shall be notified when the item becomes available again.
  • The risk due to loss or damage is transferred to the buyer at the time the goods have been physically received by the buyer (or a third party indicated by the buyer that is not the courier).
  • The buyer shall be obliged to take delivery of the goods delivered by the seller at the time they are made available to him. If the buyer refuses to take delivery or fails to provide information or instructions necessary for delivery, the seller shall be entitled to store the items at the buyer’s expense and risk.
  • The delivery of the order will only be started after the payment has been received.
  • The seller currently only delivers in Belgium.
  • You may also choose to collect your order free of charge by appointment from the seller’s workshop on the See U site:

o Friday from 10 am to 4 pm by appointment

o Or every other working day by appointment

The order can only be collected after the payment has been finalised. An appointment must be made by mail at hello@little-kameleon.be or by phone at 0480 67 04 66.

8. Loss and damage due to shipment

The seller cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage during shipment by courier. The goods are packed in such a way that damage is almost impossible. The parcels sent by bpost have a unique barcode which can be followed up online. If the buyer has any problems receiving his parcel, he can always contact the courier and mention this unique barcode.

9. Information about the goods

  • Despite the high quality of the photographed images of the goods, the buyer must take into account that the colours may vary from the actual colours. The sizes are mentioned as on the label of the clothing, in case of doubt the buyer can contact the seller via hello@little-kameleon.be.
  • The goods offered by the seller are in good condition and are illustrated and/or described as clearly and truthfully as possible.
  • The characteristic of second-hand items is that it may show signs of use.
  • At the time of delivery, the buyer must examine the goods and report any defects or errors in delivery as quickly as possible, but no later than 5 business days, by e-mail to hello@little-kameleon.be, stating the order number and a description of the article. We will look for a solution together.
  • Information, images, other communications, statements, etc. concerning all offers and the most important characteristics of the goods provided by telephone or by e-mail are given as accurately as possible. The seller shall not be liable for any advice, printing and typesetting errors on the website.
  • The availability of each good is indicated. Although the seller does everything possible to ensure that this information is correct, it is possible that it will be impossible to deliver due to inadvertently incorrect stock information. In these cases, the seller will inform the buyer as soon as possible and propose a solution.
  • It is possible that the seller includes links on his website to other websites that may be interesting or informative for the visitor. Such links are purely informative. The seller is not responsible for the content of the website referred to or the use of it.

10. Force Majeure

  • In no event shall the seller be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control.
  • The seller shall be entitled to invoke force majeure if the circumstance preventing (further) fulfilment arises after the seller should have fulfilled its obligation.
  • During force majeure, the delivery and other obligations of the seller will be suspended. If the period in which fulfilment of the obligations by the seller is not possible because of force majeure lasts longer than 8 weeks, the parties concerned are authorised to dissolve the agreement without any obligation to pay compensation.
  • The seller shall do everything possible to fulfil its obligations.

11. The price

  • All prices listed are expressed in EURO, always include VAT and all other required duties or taxes that the buyer must bear. Any shipping, reservation or administration fees that are charged will be specified separately.
  • If the seller agrees on a certain price with the buyer, the seller is nevertheless entitled to increase the price.
  • Offers are valid while stocks last.
  • If a price increase occurs after the conclusion of the agreement, the buyer may dissolve the agreement regardless of the percentage of the increase.
  • All prices are subject to misprints and typesetting errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of misprints and typesetting errors. In the event of misprints, the seller is not obliged to deliver the item at the incorrect price.

12. Defects

The buyer must carefully inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. In doing so, the buyer must check that the goods delivered are in accordance with the agreement:

  • Were the right goods delivered?
  • Do the delivered goods comply with the agreed quality requirements or – if these are lacking – with the requirements that may be set for normal second-hand use?
  • If a visible defect or shortcoming is established (which was not mentioned in the webshop), the buyer must report this to the seller 7 business days after delivery.

13. Liability

  • The information on the website is of a general nature. The information is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and cannot therefore be considered as personal, professional or legal advice to the user.
  • The seller makes every effort to ensure that the information provided is complete, correct, accurate and up to date. Despite these efforts, errors may occur in the information provided. If the information provided contains errors or if certain information on or via the site is unavailable, the seller shall make every effort to rectify this as soon as possible.
  • However, the seller cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the information on this site. If you discover any inaccuracies in the information provided via the site, you can contact the seller by e-mail or telephone.
  • The content of the site (including links) can be adapted, changed or completed at any time without notice or notification. The seller does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and cannot be held liable in any way for the poor functioning or temporary (un)availability of the website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, that may result from the access to or use of the website.
  • Under no circumstances can the seller be held liable against anyone, directly or indirectly, in any specific or other way, for damage due to the use of this site or any other, especially as a result of links or hyperlinks, including, without limitation, all losses, work interruptions, damage to programmes or other data on the computer system, to equipment, software or other of the user.
  • The website may contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties, or refer to them indirectly. The placing of links to these websites or pages in no way implies any implicit approval of their content. The seller expressly declares that it has no say in the content or other characteristics of these websites and cannot under any circumstances be held liable for their content or characteristics or for any other form of damage resulting from their use.
  • The seller is not liable for any damage or costs resulting from the use of electronic means of payment and electronic means of communication with the website, including – but not limited to – damage resulting from non-delivery or delayed delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software or hardware used for electronic communication and transmission of computer viruses. For this purpose, the seller will ensure appropriate security based on generally accepted security systems.
  • The seller cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft or loss of the items.
  • The seller shall only be liable for damage resulting from or related to an attributable shortcoming or unlawful act caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of the seller. This liability shall be limited to direct damage up to a maximum of the invoice value of the order concerned.

14. Privacy policy

See the privacy policy.

15. Intellectual property

The contents of this site, including brands, logos, drawings, data, product or company names, texts, images, etc. belong to the seller or entitled third parties.

16. Litigation

If the buyer or the consigner is dissatisfied with the operation and service of the seller/consignee, the buyer or the consigner can inform the seller/consignee by sending a mail to hello@little-kameleon.be.

Disputes that cannot be resolved mutually will be submitted to the competent court in Brussels.

All offers and agreements are governed exclusively by Belgian law.

17. Questions and complaints

Complaints or disputes must be reported within 7 business days after delivery. If the complaint is found to be justified, our liability shall be limited to the reimbursement of the goods. Any liability of the seller is limited to the amount actually paid for the order.

The seller shall always deal with questions and complaints within the reasonable period of 7 business days.