consignment terms

This is a summary of Little Kameleon’s terms and conditions relating to the consignment of items and their sale through various channels. Please read this document carefully. Little Kameleon trusts that the terms and conditions have been read and approved through the acceptance of the consignment form.

The consigner is the person who makes items available to Little Kameleon.

The seller is Little Kameleon.

The buyer is a third party who purchases the items via the webshop.

Items accepted for consignment


Little Kameleon only accepts boys & girls’ clothing in excellent condition in size 56 to 158 (newborn – 12 years) that comes from a collection of maximum 3 years old. Clothing must be freshly laundered and ironed, must not show any stains or other signs of use such as fluffed or heavily used clothing, stretched collar, missing buttons, broken zippers, name tags. Size labels should ideally be present.

Underwear (knickers, shirts, bodysuits, socks) will not be accepted.


Shoes, in sizes 16 to 39, must be in perfect condition, with clean sole, washed laces and fluff-free velcro.

Accepted brands

Little Kameleon accepts almost all brands except from shops such as Primark, Decathlon, Zeeman, Hema, Kiabi, Obaibi, Okaidi, Orchestra, Tape à l’oeil, Grain de blé, H&M en C&A. Clothing from shops such as JBC, Zara and Mango is accepted, but the percentage paid on sale is lower.


We accept toys, books and puzzles in excellent and complete condition. Preference is given to items with a sustainable character. Toys with batteries and DVDs are not accepted.


Please bring in the articles in a sturdy box or bag so that it can be easily stacked without risk of damaging the goods.

If Little Kameleon needs to (re)wash, repair or unpack, 5% extra will be deducted as compensation.

Dropping off of the items

Items can only be brought in after making an appointment. An appointment for dropping off can be made via e-mail to

The items will be dropped off at the studio of Little Kameleon:

See U, Avenue Couronne 221/Building V, 1050 Ixelles (Meet U).


During this agreement, the consigner agrees:  

  • to entrust the items to Little Kameleon, in the specified quantity, as described in the consignment form;
  • to sell the items to Little Kameleon as soon as Little Kameleon sells the items to a third party or when Little Kameleon decides to purchase the items from the consigner.

Little Kameleon agrees:

  • to make every effort to find a buyer for the items;
  • to purchase these items as soon as he sells the items to a third party.

The items are supposed to be at Little Kameleon’s disposal from the time of delivery at the studio of Little Kameleon (or by arrangement to another address) or from the time Little Kameleon collects the items until the time of sale or return to the consigner.


Little Kameleon sets the sale price based on the quality and condition of the items, on the original retail price and on what is already circulating on the second-hand market. Typically, a reduction of at least 60% on the original sales price is applied. The selling price may be adjusted to take into account supply and demand, similar products or in case the original retail price is reduced. The consigner authorises Little Kameleon to make interim price adjustments and discounts. Little Kameleon decides which items will or will not be sold through the web shop and/or during pop-up sales.

For each item sold, the seller will receive a percentage of 40% of the sale price as mentioned in the web shop unless it is a brand like JBC, Zara, Mango. In that case, a percentage of 20% will be given.

Little Kameleon takes care of the VAT. Little Kameleon’s added value comes down to a free sales platform, the preparation of the item list, pricing, photographing the items, placing it on the web shop, selling it during pop-up sales, marketing, shipping, etc.

Payment to the consigner shall only be made by bank transfer to the consigner’s bank account. The payment will be made after the end of the sales period, within 30 days after the expiry of the period. The consigner may also choose to receive a voucher equal to the total value of the items sold and valid indefinitely for purchases from the web shop.

Changes in the list of the items

At any time, the list of items may be amended by attaching a new Annex 1 to this Agreement, dated and signed by both Parties.

Title to property

The consigner will continue to own and have title to each item until that item is “Sold”.

Use of the items

Little Kameleon may use the products for demonstrations to potential buyers, sales through the Little Kameleon webshop, through Little Kameleon’s Facebook and Instagram page and at pop-up sales.


Little Kameleon shall store the items with due care. However, Little Kameleon shall not be liable, except in cases of gross negligence, for any damage to or loss of the goods due to theft, fire, storm or any other cause.

Return to the consigner

The items are made available by the consigner for a period of minimum four months, which may be extended by mutual agreement. At the end of this period, each party may decide to terminate the provision of an item from the list of items by reclaiming or returning it.

In the event that a particular product is reclaimed by the consigner sooner than the sales deadline, Little Kameleon shall charge a 20% fee on the sales price to compensate for the work done and the missed opportunity to sell.

In the event of a recovery, the product shall be collected by the consigner from Little Kameleon’s studio within 30 days.

Little Kameleon commits itself to return the items in the same perfect condition as when they were received, except for the packaging.

Unsold items must be collected within 30 days of the end of the period in which they were made available. The return date will be communicated via e-mail, which must be remembered by the consigner. Little Kameleon cannot be held responsible for forgetting the return date. The products can be collected by appointment from the Little Kameleon’s studio.

Unsold items that are not collected in time become the property of Little Kameleon upon expiry of the term. This means that Little Kameleon will decide what happens to these items and to which charity they will be donated. In the event that the set deadline for the collection of the items cannot be met, the consigner must notify Little Kameleon by email at Not notifying Little Kameleon is equal to agreeing to no longer own the products.


The sale of the items to Little Kameleon shall take place at the time of the conclusion of the purchase between Little Kameleon and the third party buyer or at the time when Little Kameleon decides to purchase the products without having found a buyer.

Termination of Agreement

Little Kameleon commits itself, upon termination of this agreement, to inform the consigner within five days which items it wishes to purchase itself. The remaining products shall be returned in accordance with the above.


All notices regarding this Agreement will be provide via the email address or physical address that have been provided by both Parties on the consignment form.


If any provision of this agreement is declared void or invalid, such declaration shall not affect the other provisions.

Choice of law

This Agreement and any breach thereof or claims relating to or arising therefrom shall be construed and governed by the laws of the courts of Brussels.

This agreement is governed by Belgian law.

Concluding provisions

Little Kameleon can refuse items if they have defects which would make the item unsaleable, or in the case of oversupply.

Little Kameleon is not obliged to justify why an item has not been taken.

Little Kameleon aims to make an initial, but not final, selection at the time of collection but cannot always guarantee this due to various factors. Within a reasonable period of time (the speed of processing the entries depends on how busy we are, whether the terms and conditions have been complied with, how many items can be sold through the web shop, etc.), the consigner will receive an e-mail with a list of the products taken on consignment for sale. The non-accepted articles are not listed and will not be kept by Little Kameleon.

The consigner declares to be a non-taxable person (for example: a private individual, a non-taxable legal entity), or another taxable person without the right to deduct VAT.

We accept following brands:

Absorba, Alba Kid, Arket, Baba Wear, Baby Gap, Banana Moon, Birkenstock, Bobo Choses, Bobux, Bonjour Maurice, Bonpoint, Bout’chou, Carter’s, Catimini, Cyrillus, Du pareil au même, Emile & Ida, Filou&Friends, 4Funky Flavours, Froy&Dind, Garcia, Geox, Guess, Ikks, Indikidual, Jacadi, JBC, Joha, Kickers, Kenzo, Kik kid, La Compagnie des Petits, La Redoute, Lili Balou, Lili Gaufrette, Little Rebels, Lulu Castagnette, Mango, Max&Lola, Maed for Mini, Massimo Dutti, Mini Rodini, Molo, Morley, Name it, Next, Noukies, OshKosh, Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, River Woods, Scotch&Soda, Sergent Major, Someone, Smallrags, Sproet & Sprouts, Stones & Bones, Timberland, Terre Bleue, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Tailor, United Colors of Benetton, Veja kids, Vert Baudet, Villervalla, Weekend à la mer, Wesc, Wolf&Rita, Woody, Zara, …